Fred Again’s got a hectic family history with heavy ties to the royal family
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Fred Again’s got a hectic family history with heavy ties to the royal family

The prince of EDM is lowkey a real prince.

Fred Again has a pretty unexpected family history.

The EDM DJ/producer wunderkind slowly taking over the world has ties to the royal family and even James Bond, as pointed out by Exron Music

Fred’s real name is Frederick John Philip Gibson, not as catchy as his stage name, but God does it sound prestigious… that’s because it is. His father, Charles Anthony Warneford Gibson, is a King’s Counsel barrister. 

That basically means he’s a lawyer extremely high up in British society, so high up that he gives legal advice to the King and other members of the royal family. 

Fred’s great-grandfather was Shane O’Neill, 3rd Baron O’Neill, a member of the aristocracy. This family history means Fred himself is part of the British peerage which is basically the extended royal family. 

Now, to the James Bond connection. Fred’s great-grandmother was Ann Fleming, a British social who was first married to Shane O’Neill. She was cheating on poor Shane with not one, but two blokes. The first was Lord Rothermere, a British newspaper owner, and the other was Ian Fleming, the guy who wrote the James Bond novels. 

Once O’Neill died (serving in WW2) Ann married Rothmere, but still had some sneaky links with Fleming. Eventually, Rothmere divorced her and she went on to marry and have a kid with Fleming.

Fred himself was also heavily connected to EDM royalty from a young age. At the age of sixteen legendary electronic musician Brian Eno took him under his wing and helped morph him into one of the greatest EDM talents we’ve got. 

Honestly, all this connection to royalty and riches could’ve turned Fred into a bit of a twat. But, as far as we know, he’s an incredible bloke that puts his fans first.