‘Most beautiful album of 2023’: Fred Again and Brian Eno releasing a collab album this weekend
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‘Most beautiful album of 2023’: Fred Again and Brian Eno releasing a collab album this weekend

album art alone confirms it will bang

In news everyone’s ears will be stoked to hear about, two of the most respected and applauded artists in the EDM game will be releasing a collaboration album this week. 

Fred Again and Brian Eno are teaming up to release ‘Secret Life’. Fellow DJ/producer Four Tet made the announcement on social media, before making a call that would sound farfetched if you knew nothing about Eno or Fred. 

“The album ‘Secret Life’ by Fred Again and Brian Eno is coming out on my label ‘Text Records’ on Friday,” Four Tet tweeted. “It is the most beautiful album of 2023.”

He also shared the album cover art (that alone confirms a banger is incoming), that it will be available on CD and Vinyl AND he's set up a radio station called secretlife.fm. 

Eno and Fred have actually collaborated in the past. In 2014 Fred helped write some tunes for Brian and musician Karl Hyde’s album ‘Someday World’. That sparked a still-lasting professional relationship, made better by their mutual respect for each other’s craft. 

Fred sees Eno as his mentor, and Brian was honoured by that, gushing about Fred in an Apple Music interview with Zane Lowe last year. 

“I think of Fred as my mentor as well,” he said. “I learnt so much about contemporary music from watching him work. It’s a two-way relationship. I’m very flattered to be called a mentor of someone whose work I like a lot, but actually, it worked both ways round."

Many of you are well familiar with Fred Again, of that I am sure, but there’ll be a few of you who have never heard of Brian Eno. If you ever started a Windows PC though, you’ve heard his music. 

The British EDM producer, known for crafting gorgeous ambient music, was approached by Microsoft who gave him a brief. Eno ended up making 84 potential pieces, with one being eventually used. Beiks from George Nights gave the whole rundown in a video last year, it really is a cracking story. 

Get ready to cry happy and unashamedly when ‘Secret Life’ comes out this weekend team.