This perfume is built to smell like a late night out on K Road, AKA 'dance floor armpit & beer'
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This perfume is built to smell like a late night out on K Road, AKA 'dance floor armpit & beer'

Got a few mates who already smell like that.

Ever wanted to smell like waking up on a friend of a friend's couch after a big night out? Well 'Road' by Karangahape has you covered. 

Auckland's iconic Karangahape Road probs isn’t the sort of place you’d think would inspire the next great scent, but someone has managed to capture the perfect essence of one of the most diverse and all-embracing places in Tāmaki Makaurau.

This Friday, 150 limited edition bottles will hit the shelves on - yup, you guessed it - ‘K Road’. 

The fragrance will be available to buy over six weeks at various stores on the busy street for just $100 per bottle. 

That's right, ‘Road by Karangahape’ is here to tickle all of your senses and transport you to the vibrant heart of this iconic locale. 

But this fragrant endeavour is not just about smelling like a wild night out, all the revenue goes directly to Lifewise, a housing support charity running the not-for-profit café Merge on K Road.

If the scent alone isn't tempting enough, every bottle purchased comes with a small piece of the road itself. Why bloody not?

A chunk of concrete slab has been "borrowed" from the ongoing Central Rail Link Karanga-a-Hape construction project to give you a legit piece of the action. 

Who needs diamonds when you can have a concrete keepsake?

Nathan Taare, the mastermind behind ‘Of Body’, the perfume brand responsible for this aromatic creation, told Stuff: "All great perfumes contain 'bad smells' and 'good smells,' and K Road contains those things in droves." 

He's got a point there. After all, what makes life interesting if not the contrasts? The highs and lows of the street make for a fragrance that's delightfully balanced - just like a night out on K Road. iykyk. 

But let's be clear: This perfume is best to be sprayed for the more special occasions ;)

Wearing it to the office on a Monday might lead to some awkward HR meetings. No need to bring your wild side to the water cooler. Keep it for those moments when you want to add a touch of mischief to your day.

According to an Instagram post, the bold scent captures the essence of wet pavement, beer-infused leather, incense burn, coffee, nicotine, dance floor armpit, hair clippings and much much more. 

It's a blend that certainly captures the spirit of the street, stimulating memories and adventures with every spritz.

They've gone above and beyond by crafting a fragrance that embodies the very essence of this unique place. Perfume is just water, spice, and sex appeal, after all. 

And with Road by Karangahape, they've captured all that and more.