WATCH: Elon Musk dancing at Rüfüs Du Sol gig goes viral because at least he's trying
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WATCH: Elon Musk dancing at Rüfüs Du Sol gig goes viral because at least he's trying

Gotta move those feet Elon, you're all upper-body atm.

Elon Musk was spotted getting down to Rüfüs Du Sol last night, with his moshpit moves making waves around the internet. 

The techno-billionaire caught the Australian EDM group at their Sundream Baja festival in Mexico. Let's just say he’s lucky he’s rich cause I’ve seen better dance moves at kick-ons fuelled purely by the body's refusal to fall asleep, not a pretty sight. 

Commenters on some of the TikToks provided their own feedback for Musk’s moves. 

“He dances like they do in The Sims”, one person wrote. 

“Elon get a dance teacher,” recommended another. “I don’t mean that critically, you’ve spent ALL your time working and it takes time to be able to dance.”

Not that I’m a qualified dance judge, but get those feet off the floor buddy, you’re all upper body at the moment - good on him for enjoying himself though. 

There are about as many angles of Elon dancing as he has dollars, which comes with his celebrity territory, I guess. That makes me happy I’m not as high profile as him because if my mosh moves were filmed by all, no one would be happy. I’m definitely better at waving my hands in the air than he is though. 

If you didn’t know, ol’ Musky loves his EDM and even released his own track back in 2020. ‘Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe’ is the name of the track which features the lyrics “Don't doubt your vibe because it's true” repeating over and over again. 

Last year the new owner of Twitter hosted an EDM rave at the opening of a Tesla Gigafactory. ‘Cyber Rodeo’ involved a bunch of drones lighting up the sky to form images of Nikola Tesla and Tesla cars as rave music soundtracked the whole thing. 

I'll shout the Uber Eats if someone gets Elon to kick-ons.