WATCH: Golf influencer smokes drive directly into crowd and sends fan to the floor
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WATCH: Golf influencer smokes drive directly into crowd and sends fan to the floor


It’s not the best idea to have a front-row seat to a non-professional trying to hit a ball as hard as they can, as one golf fan learnt the hard way. 

Amateur golfer/YouTuber Garrett Clark was lining up to have a big drive down the fairway at a golfing event hosted by ‘Good Good’, a YouTube channel.

He planted his feet, loosened the shoulders, got the backswing up and down then BOOM! It goes flying into the crowd and right into a fan. You can see the fan go down at the end of the video, left of screen, at the edge of the crowd. 

The other angle is crazy, it comes from someone who was standing right next to the poor bugger who got hit.

In what is an absolutely mental tempting of fate, at the beginning of the video someone can be heard saying: “I would let Garett hit me with a ball, I’m not gonna lie.” It’s unclear if the person who totally jinxed it is the one that got hit, but still, should've touched wood buddy. 

Clark, who has 700k Instagram followers and 800k on YouTube, managed to track down the fan who got hit.

Val is the name of the kid. The two snapped a pic together with the helmet that Clark gifted him. Val’s wrist is actually what got smacked with the golf ball, as revealed by Garrett in an Instagram comment. Maybe a wrist guard used on the cricket gift would have been a more apt gift, but the helmet still works. 

Garret even posted a photo of him with the kid to his hundreds of thousands of followers. 

“Happy to be on the course with my man Val!” he wrote in the caption. “Glad all is well, let’s have ourselves a great day.”

There’s no word on how bad Val’s injury is, but it must not be drastic if he’s back out there. Good to see the two smiling and chopping it up.