WATCH: Stag do lad crawls out of plane’s overhead luggage compartment in full Arsenal FC kit
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WATCH: Stag do lad crawls out of plane’s overhead luggage compartment in full Arsenal FC kit

Made more nuts by Dom Dolla being the one to film it.

One bunch of blokes on a stag do had their mischievous antics caught in 4k by none other than Aussie DJ Dom Dolla. 

Posted to TikTok for all to enjoy, Dom caught one surprisingly jovial lad crawling out of the plane’s overhead luggage compartment… in full Arsenal FC kit as well. Scenes. 

“One minute you’re at a club in Ibiza… the next you wake up in the Ryan Air overhead carriage,” Dom, real name Dominic Matheson, wrote to accompany the video with the hashtag #stagdo in the caption. 

Dom provided more context in the comments, saying: “40 dudes at the back of the plane were having a TIME… they pushed their mate in there as the plane landed.”

Commenters on the TikTok are doing one thing, and that's the right thing: Asking questions. 

“Why is he wearing a full Arsenal kit?” pondered one person. 

“I need to know everything about this immediately,” said another. 

“How is this not viral?” a third queried. 

All very fair questions. Unfortunately, we know nothing about the compartment crusader. His name, his methods and his motivation are all a mystery. All we know is that he started in Ibiza and ended up in the overhead compartment. 

What isn’t a mystery though, is how two lads that went out for “just one beer” ended up where our Arsenal-kitted hero started, Ibiza. 

Dan Evans and Alex Stubbs grabbed a drink on a Friday afternoon with a plan to be back home before midnight.

During their solitary pint in Merthyr, Wales, someone suggested the pair take a spur-of-the-moment trip to Magaluf, Majorca. And the pair agreed.

After a quick stop at home to grab passports and chargers, the two found themselves at the airport. However, there were no tickets to Magaluf left. The two decided not to let a change of location derail their plans, so they hopped on a plane to Ibiza instead.

The overhead luggage carrier bloke is sure to go down with those fellas in the Ibiza breathers' history book.