Inspired by Dom Dolla and Nelly Furtado's new tune, we found the all-time weirdest EDM collabs
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Inspired by Dom Dolla and Nelly Furtado's new tune, we found the all-time weirdest EDM collabs

Why did Steve Aoki and Rivers Cuomo do that?

Dom Dolla: DJ, Australian, has a biblical moustache. Nelly Furtado: Singer, Canadian, is moustacheless but doesn’t let that get in the way of being her authentic self. 

‘Surely these two would never team up for a song - they're too different!’ you say. Sweet summer child, I'm afraid you are wrong. Dom and Nelly dropped ‘Eat Your Man’ today, despite their differences. 

The collab got the three brain cells in the George office turning, an immense achievement. We pondered: ‘What are the weirdest collabs in EDM history?’ and found some truly peculiar team-ups. 


Chicane ft Bryan Adams: ‘Don’t Give Up’
Back in 2000, the guy who made ‘Summer of ‘69’ teamed up with one of the Milky Way’s best trance producers. The result was ‘Don’t Give Up’.

Chicane did vocoder the shit out of Adams’ vocals, so you can’t really tell it’s him, but it is. Trust me.

Fun fact: ol’ mate Pete Tong made the track his first ‘Essential New Tune’ of the millennium.

Steve Aoki & Weezer’s River Cuomo: ‘Earthquakey People’
Nyan Cat’s influence on the EDM industry was manifested in this collab between Steve Aoki and River Cuomo, the frontman of Weezer.

The song came out just seven months after Nyan Cat was released: At the crossroads of EDM’s peak exposure in the mainstream and everyone on the internet being silly in a way that we now find piercingly cringe.

The evidence? Literally everything about it. It’s called ‘Earthquakey People’, the opening lyrics are “Let me tell you all about my life/Grab a seat, get strapped in tight”, and the music video is an orgy of shapes, filters, and transitions straight out of Powerpoint. 

Korn ft Skrillex and Kill The Noise: ‘Narcissistic Cannibal’
Heavy metal and Dubstep are definitely cousins. They are both the intense, dirty, and loud members of their respective musical genres. So a dubstep x metal track existing shouldn’t be as weird as it is, but it's pretty weird. Something about seeing ‘Skrillex’ and ‘Korn’ on the same track is just off-putting. 

Skrillex also has a collab with ‘The Doors’, called ‘BREAKN’ A SWEAT’. Also pretty weird but a friggin banger dude. 

Collabs can be a beautiful thing. Re-defining and pushing the boundaries of genres should always be celebrated. However, Steve Aoki and River Cuomo should never be in the same room together ever again.