New glorious HD footage of Daft Punk’s historic ‘Alive 2007' set has dropped online so we awn
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New glorious HD footage of Daft Punk’s historic ‘Alive 2007' set has dropped online so we awn

Quintessential viewing right here team.

One of the reasons dance music has its stronghold in the mainstream is because Daft Punk worked some magic back in 2007. 

Now, their gig at London’s Hyde Park for Wireless Festival in 2007 can be viewed in glorious high definition after previously unreleased footage was enhanced using a range of AI tools and applications and uploaded online. The performance came as part of their ‘Alive 2007’ tour. 

‘Alive 2007’ is widely credited with popularising dance music amongst new audiences around the world and if you’re wondering ‘why?’, just watch the concert footage. Unreal scenes. 

Commenters on the ninety-minute video of the full set are freaking out, sharing words of recognition towards the set’s historic value as well as being grateful to whoever recorded the footage (currently unknown). 

“Greatest live performance of the 21st Century,” one person said. “Thank you so much for giving us this piece of modern history in such a quality.”

“This is truly part of the story!” another wrote. “I've been waiting for the full version for so long that I even lost hope. And now, after so much time, she appeared on the network. Thanks to all the guys who remastered this show!”

“Great to see this assembled,” a third added. “This film is head and shoulders above any other video of the pyramid. The day-to-night transition, the wide shots with the massive crowd, the 60fps buttery smooth zooms and cranes and dolly work.”

The ‘Pyramid’ the last comment is referring to is the name of the stage design Daft Punk operated in throughout the tour. 

At the end of the show, a photographer can be seen snapping pics from within the pyramid. Those pics have also been shared online, having originally been taken for MixMag, and they show an absolute smorgasbord of equipment the French DJs were using during their set. 

Seriously, when you have the time watch the whole set. It really is a spectacle.