Watch the 'absolutely nuts energy' of the crowd packed in a tent for Wilkinson's Parklife set
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Watch the 'absolutely nuts energy' of the crowd packed in a tent for Wilkinson's Parklife set

That 'DJ Turn It Up' edit is fwaaaking filthy #jeez

Fresh off touring our frothy little country, DnB heavyweight Wilkinson is back in his homeland of the UK, where the crowds are absolutely looooving him. 

This past week he worked his magic at Manchester’s Parklife Festival and the eager crowd packed into a big ol’ tent to watch him mix like there's no tomorrow. Wilkinson shared videos of his set and boy oh boy it looked like a woozy doozy of a time. 

One particularly epic clip shows the crowd singing along to Wilkinson's huge tune 'Used To This' after the DJ cuts the sound. Scenes. 

“Another incredible Parklife,” he said in an Instagram caption alongside the vids. “Thanks to everyone that packed out the tent in that heat. That was special!”

Commenters were full of folks that were actually there in the flesh to witness Wilkinson, and loads of them are saying he was second-to-none at the festie. Big call considering Fred Again, Andy C, Skrillex and more were also on the lineup. 

“Energy was absolute nuts in that set bro,” wrote one person. 

“Best set of the weekend,” said another. 

“My head was mashed,” a third added. “Unreal.”

“And there was me, bellowing lyrics outside of the tent,” one more wrote. “Heat was too much. Set was on fiiiiire!”

Judging from that filthy ‘DJ Turn It Up’ clip Wilkinson shared, I will believe those comments. 

Wilkinson got b-u-s-y BUSY when he was here in Aotearoa for his ‘Cognition’ tour a couple of months ago.

First up, he filled up the petrol tank when he hopped on George Drive’s special segment ‘Does it Double?’.

Spinning up Halogenix’s remix of 'Shella' by King of the Rollers, he doubles it with the Pola & Bryson remix of 'Turn Up' by Camo and Krooked, and holy sh*t it’s a match made in heaven. 

George Breakfast also put him through the wringer when they tested his cognitive skills with a little challenge for all five of his senses. 

Course, ol’ mate smashed everything we threw his way. You don't get to where Wilkinson is without the senses and mixing skills of a God.