‘Worth it’: Festie-goer creates unreal tent set up including whole double bed at Glastonbury
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‘Worth it’: Festie-goer creates unreal tent set up including whole double bed at Glastonbury

Give them the nobel prize.

One festival pioneer has solved the greatest problem when it comes to camping at a festie - how absolute shit it is sleeping on a budget inflatable mattress for half a week. 

Absolutely committed to a good night’s sleep, the raver brought all the components of their double bed to Glastonbury Festival this past weekend. Obviously unable to bring the whole thing into their tent in one trip, the mastermind made multiple journeys to the car, walking miles in the scorching heat to get the job done.

“Five trips from car to campsite,” The Grumpy Jedi wrote on Twitter. “Six miles in the blazing sun, but omg it was worth it!!”

It’s not just the bed that makes it probably the greatest tent to ever grace a festival, it’s the beers too. Imagine not having to wait in those massive drink lines that plague every festie.  

That would make the cheeky but necessary 2 PM nap on day three of the festie a luxury rather than a tough slog. I mean imagine this routine: Wake up, roll over, have a beer then head to the mosh.

Subtly tucked away in the corner of the tent is also what appears to be a multi-pack of instant noodle pots. It just keeps getting better. A quick tent feed rather than paying exorbitant prices for mid-tier food truck kai would make the festival experience so much more enjoyable. 

It’s crazy to think that the bed-bearing brainiac could’ve woken up from a great night’s sleep before seeing Fred Again’s monumental set.

Fred played an unreleased song, an old geezer in the mosh stole the spotlight, the crowd serenaded him as he walked off, and he even attempted to break a world record. 

Catch me on day one at a New Year’s festival lugging a bed base around, as the original pioneer said: “Worth it”.