Find out your top Spotify songs of all time and turn them into personalised art on this website
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Find out your top Spotify songs of all time and turn them into personalised art on this website

Because that playlist is a piece of art.

Spotify wrapped, move over buddy, this new website is way cooler than you. is a dynamic art platform that allows you to visualise your Spotify data in several different snazzy-looking ways.

It takes your most played song/artists from several different periods and turns them into either a list with waveforms, a chart that looks like DNA while describing the vibe of the artist/track and can even turn it into a flower if you’re so inclined. 

Their website explains how it all works. 

“By fusing data visualisation and generative art techniques, n-gen creates dynamic art in which the output embodies the unique habits of each user,” they say before going into further detail. 

“Data Visualisation: Clearly represents user behaviours by transforming data input into a visual output.”

“Generative Art: Leverages autonomous systems to insert randomness (with intent) into the creation of the art, guaranteeing each output is one-of-one.”

Combining those two techniques creates a piece of ‘dynamic art’. 

Dynamic art is “art that changes over time as new data is introduced, leveraging input from autonomous systems to influence art in unexpected and exciting ways.”

“Therefore, with dynamic art, we can create infinite variations of digital art while still maintaining the personal connection and intrinsic value through a user’s data.”

All of a sudden, music lovers everywhere are spoilt for choice when it comes to visualising your Spotify data. Of course, there is the OG official Spotify Wrapped but there are also the options to turn your tunes into a pie and/or your favourite artists into a music festival lineup

If you’re really quenching for a bitta music and computer crossover, check out Google’s new tune-generating AI tool. MusicLR turns text prompts into two separate twenty-second musical clips. Prompts can include specific genres, instruments, and even the #vibe you want the clip to be.