‘Rave to the grave’: Paddy Gower reckons we should be allowed to do MDMA on our deathbeds
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‘Rave to the grave’: Paddy Gower reckons we should be allowed to do MDMA on our deathbeds

"It makes you feel good, allegedly."

Patrick Gower wants people to “get high while they die”. 

In a monologue on his show ‘Paddy Gower Has Issues’, Paddy G believes humans should be allowed to take MDMA during the very final stages of life. He cites that gear reduces fear by lowering activity in certain parts of the brain. 

“When it comes on - boom,” Paddy said of MDMA. “All you want to do is hug, dance, talk shit. It makes you feel good, allegedly. It is also illegal.”

“MDMA works by temporarily reducing activity in the amygdala - a region of the brain associated with ‘fear’.”

In a previous episode, Paddy talked to cancer patients. He found that they deal “with anxiety, depression, pain, regrets and fear.”

“MDMA can help with all that,” he continued. “That’s why there are clinical trials about to get underway for terminal cancer patients here in New Zealand.”

“With 40 years of the ‘War on Drugs’ the World had its blinkers on. Nobody looked at the good this stuff could do. Now there’s a global revolution of science. And it’s not just MDMA but other potential medicines like LSD, Ketamine, and Mushrooms.”

He argues that if party people at festivals can use MD (wadiyatalkinabeet?), so should “the people who could really do with it.”

“So good luck to the scientists doing the clinical trials,” he finishes. “And I’m absolutely stoked for the people who get to be the guinea pigs.”

Obviously, the context Paddy is referring to would be a completely safe way to do MDMA. Currently, recreational use is nowhere near as safe.

That’s why if you are going to do drugs, we encourage you to get it checked. Especially after, earlier this year, Kiwi drug safety organisation Know Your Stuff warned of a new dodgy pill out there that could put partygoers in danger. 

Paddy G may have a point about using it clinically, but until then just be safe about it.