UK DJ Mozey hosts a DNB rollerskate disco doof for his fans and bring it to NZ matey
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UK DJ Mozey hosts a DNB rollerskate disco doof for his fans and bring it to NZ matey

We're begging for it @Mozey

One of the greatest things about EDM is its propensity to turn any music genre into a new, groove-inducing sound. UK drum and bass DJ/Producer Mozey went one glide further when he took the 1970s favourite genre and turned it into a DnB rollerskating doof. 

‘Mozey’s Roller Disco’ infused disco and DnB music, rave culture, and shoes with wheels on them for what looked like one memorable night out. Decks were set up on one side of a roller rink as Mozey fans rocked up in their best sequined, spandex and spunky 70s get-ups. 

None, however, were better dressed than the man himself. His fit shone as he partook in a rollerblade disco dance solo to kick the proceedings off. 

He posted the video across his socials where the comments are full of people who were either lucky enough to be there or are suffering from some FOMO. 

“Nearly broke my legs 10 million times but it was so worth it,” wrote one person. 

“Thanks for the best Wednesday night I’ve ever had Dad,” another said. 

“So wish I was there man,” a third added. “You need to do another one ASAP.”

“Top tier DJ, Fashion Icon, Sober Queen, Content King - you are quite possibly the GOAT,” one more wrote. 

Mozey’s constant interactions with his fans have made him a beloved somewhat cult figure in the UK DnB scene. Some fans have even tattooed the DJ’s signature and face on them, which Mozey has been more than happy to share on his Instagram. 

He’s hosted spontaneous Q&As with fans, released a series of behind-the-scenes mini-documentary episodes on his YouTube, and has become a personification of EDM's tongue-in-cheek culture. 

Mozey’s gonna be moseying into many more unique, viral moments in the future - I’ll tell you that for free.