'Anywhere but a club': UK DJ Mozey plays street party, hosts car park gig on 'loose NZ' tour
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'Anywhere but a club': UK DJ Mozey plays street party, hosts car park gig on 'loose NZ' tour

Dunners street party ain't for the faint hearted.

Mozey, a UK DJ with a cult following, is getting busy in Aotearoa.

Currently touring the country, Michael Hitches (that’s his government name) headed to Castle Street mere hours after touching down before throwing a rave in an Auckland car park days later. 

He shared footage of both events on his social media. Some dunners “geezer” went up to him in the airport and invited him to a “dangerous street party” that night. Mozey obliged, probably not knowing the absolute chaos that occurs on Castle Street, and dropped a surprise set for all the lovely local creatures. 

Just days after the Dunners doof, the mad lad continued his tour of NZ before eventually getting to Auckland. Having some downtime before his next legit gig, Mozey threw a rave in an Auckland car park on Matariki weekend. 

“At this point, I’m playing anywhere but clubs,” he wrote, adding that the “crowd basically left me head to toe in booze by the end of my set - love ‘em.”

Mozey has staked a name for himself by his unique methods of engaging with fans, evidenced by commenters on both posts. 

“Dad managing to blow the roof of a place with no roof,” one person wrote. 

“Man’s dressed like he's gonna unload some boxes off a truck at the dock when his set over (jk),” said another. “Love the style bro, smashing it.”

 “Dad’s completing side quests,” a third added. 

“What dreams are made of,” one more wrote. “You LEGEND!!”

Another unique doof event thrown by Mozey happened earlier this month when the weapon threw a DnB rollerskating doof. 

‘Mozey’s Roller Disco’ infused disco and DnB music, rave culture, and shoes with wheels on them for what looked like one memorable night out. Decks were set up on one side of a roller rink as Mozey fans rocked up in their best sequined, spandex and spunky 70s get-ups. 

Shoutout to Mozey for being a living embodiment of the pure fun inherent to EDM culture.