WATCH: DJ Snake turns a McDonald’s into a nightclub and throws a dutty rave
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WATCH: DJ Snake turns a McDonald’s into a nightclub and throws a dutty rave

McDoof with extra fries and a water please.

Greasy food is a craving when people are done raving. Now, one DJ has cut out the middleman by simply making a nightclub out of a Maccas. 

French DJ/Producer DJ Snake is the McMastermind behind the McDoof that went down in a Paris McDonald’s. 

In a video posted to his socials, workers at the fast food joint are bopping along to the music as they cook up a feed (surely just let them party?) before the camera turns to DJ Snake behind the decks and a sizeable crowd boogying to the tunes as they occupy what would be the dining area. 

Real name William Sami Étienne Grigahcine, DJ Snake recently collabed with Maccas to have his own McDonald’s meal as well as a clothing line. Yeah, a McDonald’s x DJ Snake clothing line exists. The lil’ rave they threw is just a bitta marketing to promote their team up.

For the most part, folks in DJ Snake’s comments loved the McRave. 

“This is the happiest McDonald's workers have been while working,” wrote one person. 

“Missed opportunity for his shirt to say ‘Pardon my French Fries’,” said another. 

“I’d actually enjoy serving people if I could bop like this while doing it,” a third added. 

“That’s probably the best place to have a rave once everyone gets the munchies,” one more wrote. 

DJ Snake’s Maccas rave was perfectly legal, which can't be said for another weirdly located doof sesh. 

Our greatest rivals in rave culture, the Brits, managed to host an illegal three-day bender in an abandoned airfield, right in the middle of a model aircraft exhibition.

The coinciding contrasting events took place at Davidstow Airfield in Cornwall, right at the southern tip of the UK, as a way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of ‘Castlemorton’ one of - if not the - biggest free party ever held in the UK, and an awesome story to boot.

Perhaps in 2053 French people will hold an illegal rave in a Maccas to commemorate the 30th anniversary of DJ Snake’s McRave. Count me in.