‘She needed some exposure’: DnB legends Pendulum cover Taylor Swift on ‘Like A Version’
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Good Chat

‘She needed some exposure’: DnB legends Pendulum cover Taylor Swift on ‘Like A Version’

Love it when established artists support lesser known talents.

Two different ends of the musical spectrum have merged with the Aussie drum and bass band Pendulum covering pop star Taylor Swift. 

Appearing on Triple J’s famous ‘Like A Version’ show, the fellas played a DnB-paced version of ‘Anti-Hero’ from Swift’s ‘Midnight’ album. 

Other than it being a rock/metal take on the song, frontman Rob Swire also changed one other thing: One line. The original song’s weirdly phrased ‘Sometimes I feel like everybody is a sexy baby’ is changed to ‘I literally never feel like anyone’s a sexy baby’. Chat. 

In an interview after the cover, Swire and bassist Gareth McMillan said they decided to cover T-Swizzle to open her up to a bigger audience. Good on them. 

“We just thought she needed some exposure,” Swire said. “She really just needed some help shifting those numbers, selling some tour tickets.”

“She’s really talented and we just thought she needed a bit of help Down Under,” McMillan added. “We’re Swifties now.”

They tried other tunes at that DnB 160 - 180 BPM, but Swift’s song sounded the best. 

“We really only have one speed and it’s that one. We just tried a whole bunch of stuff at drum and bass tempo and it just lent itself to that sort of speed.”

“We actually made about 20 other versions of different stuff and ‘Anti-Hero’ just kind of stood out,” Swire shared. “I mean, it’s a great song.”

You may not hear their ‘Anti-Hero’ cover, but plenty of other Pendulum songs are players for the top spot in our upcoming DnB 200 countdown.     

Voting has closed, so we’ll kick off proceedings on Thursday, with the number one song being crowned on Friday. Make sure you are tuning into George FM for the biggest DnB countdown there is. Lesgettit.