‘What a night’: Sub Focus releases a 4k remaster of his 'iconic' 2013 Roundhouse set
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‘What a night’: Sub Focus releases a 4k remaster of his 'iconic' 2013 Roundhouse set


UK DJ Sub Focus has dropped a piece of EDM history in glorious 4k definition - his full 2013 set at Roundhouse. 

It’s an hour and fifteen minutes of nuttiness that many see as a foundational moment of the bloke’s career. We've dropped the full setlist further down the page if your ears perk up at a particular tune. 

Today is the tenth anniversary of the live set, and you can tell it’s been a decade because there’s like no one on the phone in their crowd and Sub Focus, real name Nicolaas Douwma, looks way different. 

Commenters are basking in the historical glory of it all. 

“Never expected a remaster of the most iconic set ever,” one person wrote. 

“This set brings back so many memories and it's one of the things that got me into drum and bass in the first place,” another said. “Thank you for uploading this.”

“That's the Sub Focus I fell in love with!!!” a third added. “Absolutely stunning and iconic set!!!”

“What a night that was!” one more wrote.

Ten years later, in the year of our lord 2023, Nic is still pumping out the tunes.  In May, he dropped his fourth studio album ‘Evolve’.

We had our George DJs react to the fourteen-track project and there was one tune just about all of them frothed. Check that out here.


  1. ‘Torus’ 00:00
  2. ‘Rock It’ 3:49 
  3. ‘Eclipse’ 06:45 
  4. ‘Ghosts 'N' Stuff (Sub Focus Remix)’ 09:42
  5. ‘Safe In Sound’ 13:00 
  6. ‘Out Of The Blue’ 17:25 
  7. ‘Turn It Around’ 21:50 
  8. ‘Twilight’ 25:19 
  9. ‘Hold On (Sub Focus Remix)’ 27:54 
  10. ‘Endorphins’ 31:37 
  11. ‘Endorphins (Dismantle Remix)’ 34:36 
  12. ‘Close’ 36:28 
  13. ‘Could This Be Real’ 42:07 
  14. ‘Turn Back Time’ 44:43 
  15. ‘Forever’ 48:58 
  16. ‘Falling Down VIP’ 52:38 
  17. ‘Falling Down (D&B VIP)’ 54:55 
  18. ‘You Make It Better’ 56:04 
  19. ‘Until The End’ 1:00:28 
  20. ‘Tidal Wave’ 1:04:09 
  21. ‘Let The Story Begin’ 1:09:03