How the heck did Will Ferrell end up ‘DJing’ at a college frat party this weekend?
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How the heck did Will Ferrell end up ‘DJing’ at a college frat party this weekend?

Will Ferrell with a smoke cannon could headline any festival.

Will Ferrell, AKA Ron Burgundy AKA Brennan Huff AKA Ricky Bobby, went viral this week after footage emerged of him behind the decks at a good ol’ fashioned U S of A frat party. 

Rocking some tasty-looking speed dealers and a dead-pan expression, old mate was spinning some bangers (or at least pretending to) as the students of the University of Southern California (USC) went nuts. At one point, he was even firing off a smoke cannon. 

So why is the mega-star getting rowdy at a frat house? Because his son goes to USC and it’s the college’s ‘Trojan Family Weekend’. Basically, every year USC has a weekend where “families visit their students and get an up-close look at how the campus community achieves excellence in teaching, research and public service”. 

I’m gonna guess getting amongst at a packed frat party falls under that third category. 

The actor’s student son, Magnus, can be spotted clapping along, getting hyped and occasionally whispering in his dad's ear in some of the TikToks.

USC is quite the hotspot for celebrity parents. Earlier this week, Vanessa Bryant, wife of the late Kobe Bryant, also attended the college’s Family Weekend. Her daughter Natalia is a student and rather than having a boogie, the two watched the USC American Football team

Next year’s USC Family Weekend could feature the one and only LeBron James, as his eldest son Bronny recently committed to attending the college. 

Bronny, like his father, is a pretty handy basketball player (ESPN ranked him as the 19th-best player in his year group) and declared to play for the USC Trojans in 2024, once he wraps up at his high school. 

This means that next year, Vanessa Bryant, Will Ferrell (if he lets someone else DJ) and LeBron James could all be in the same moshpit at once. Get me round.