57-year-old asks EDM community for music recommendations after being prescribed ketamine
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57-year-old asks EDM community for music recommendations after being prescribed ketamine

You've come to the right place.

One geezer who’s been prescribed ketamine went to the right place for music recommendations: The raving community. 

Posting to the EDM subreddit, the 57-year-old shared that their doctor had given them ketamine nasal spray to try to aid their depression. 

“Doctor told me to listen to music with no words or singing,” u/ItzAlwayz420 (nice) said. “Please inspire me with some artists or producers to get into.”

And inspire they did. Over 140 comments appeared on the post, with Redditors recommending artists, albums and even full playlists to help out the world’s newest EDM fan. 

Someone even told them to “get good and geeked before you hit play” to which the patient replied: “On my way!!!!”. You love to see it - responsibly, and under the instruction of a medical professional, of course.

We honestly do hope that this curious soul can fight off depression and are stoked to see he’s turned to EDM to help him out. Best of luck breather!

Not to state the obvious, but the doctor knows what they're doing. Studies have shown that the tempo, drops, and ‘danceability’ of house music are greatly beneficial to the human body. 

The higher the bpm in the music, the higher your heart rate is, and the more your heart rate increases, the more excited you (and your body) get, with the opposite being true for slower music. 

Research by The Glasgow Insight Into Science and Technology (TheGIST) showed that the build-ups and drops in house music are intensely rewarding for the body.

Basically, when we hear a build-up in music, our body anticipates a sick drop coming up and therefore prepares for it, which can make you feel excited and tense. 

When the drop arrives, your body reacts to it and assesses whether it is worthy of releasing a dopamine hit. If it is, you feel awesome and just can't contain yourself, if not, it can be one of the most disappointing feelings in the world.

Here's hoping our mate can feel all that goodness and get back to feeling great.