‘World’s coolest kid’: Kiwi mum goes viral after her 4yo requests Fred Again at kindy
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‘World’s coolest kid’: Kiwi mum goes viral after her 4yo requests Fred Again at kindy

Crafting a vibe at kindy, unreal.

New Zealanders, we can safely say that the sickest kid in the world is a citizen of our fine nation. 

Skye, a Kiwi mum-fluencer on TikTok, has gone viral for telling the tale of her four-year-old daughter Albie crafting a vibe at kindergarten. 

It all started with an email from the kindy asking to ID a tune the young mosh gremlin wanted to chuck on the aux.

“Albie’s asking for a song to be played and the lyrics are ‘push me out’ but we can’t work out what the song is, any ideas?” Skye recalled. 

The kid didn't quite get the lyrics right, but the tune is ‘Delilah (pull me out of this)’ by Fred Again.

“My four-and-a-half-year-old wants her kindy friends to dance with her to Fred Again,” the proud mum said. “Isn’t that the coolest fucking thing you’ve ever heard?”

It is, the commenters agree, as well as sharing their children’s song requests. 

“My kids LOVE Fred Again,” another wrote. “My 6yo asks for ‘and we will light a cone’,” one commenter wrote (I believe that’s a kid mishearing ‘Turn On The Lights again’ by Fred, but hey, you never know). 

“My 3yo kept saying ‘Hey knock knock’ and I was like ‘What song is that?’,” another said. “It was Fred Again ‘Jungle’ - “ain’t no love in the jungle,” like what but ok.”

“I would cry and dance with them if they requested this song,” a third added. 

“I took my kid to playgroup and they asked what songs they loved,” one more wrote. “Metallica - my year-old sang Metallica instead of nursery rhymes.”

Skye's kid is going places. Places being a rave in 14 years. 

The next generation of ravers is in good hands. Earlier this year, a newborn baby went viral because it was only soothed by the sweet sounds of Chase and Status’ tune ‘Baddadan’. 

I can’t wait until Aldie and the baby team up to headline RNV.