WATCH: Chase and Status tune the only thing that settles crying newborn breather baby
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WATCH: Chase and Status tune the only thing that settles crying newborn breather baby

Get that child in the mosh.

Night club managers will want to get this newborn baby in their doors as soon as it turns eighteen because it will be a massive rave head. 

Footage posted to TikTok by Elevate Records shows a teeny weeny baby having a good ol’ cry session. Then, the father, in a sick British accent, informs us that there is a remedy. 

“Put on ‘Baddadan’, put it next to him, give it a second… just like that, baby chills,” he said. And he's not lying, the baby shuts up. 

Commenters understand we have a prodigy on our hands. 

“Gonna be a keen raver,” wrote one person. 

“This is effin legendary,” said another. “Good lad.”

“Mate this is great,” a third added. “ I was doing EXACTLY the same with my baby boy the other day.”

“He’ll be having blue punishers for brekky soon,” one more joked. 

Despite being on the complete opposite end of the 'This Human Scares Me' spectrum, Tyson Fury is also a massive ‘Baddadan’ fan. 

Last month, the heavyweight champion walked out to the tune before his public workout for his fight against Francis Ngannou. It also played as the two were up in each other's grills, which is just incred exposure for the tune and the genre. 

Fury ended up beating Ngannou and we are definitely going to claim it’s purely because he’s a DNB head. 

Another bald bloke who’s a Chase and Status fan is Jason Statham AKA Jason Status. Last year he shouted out ‘What Came Before’, their latest album at the time. 

"Download it, buy it, steal it, stream it, do what you need to do,” old mate said. 

So, that’s a baby, the world’s best boxer and an A-tier celebrity all on team Chase and Status. Interestingly, they’re all bald. Do what you will with that information.