WATCH: The Grand Theft Auto VI official trailer leaked so Rockstar just released it early
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WATCH: The Grand Theft Auto VI official trailer got leaked so Rockstar just released it early

It's finally dropped.

Rockstar Games just dropped the first official trailer for the highly anticipated 'Grand Theft Auto VI'. 

The final shot of the trailer reveals that the game won't come out until 2025. 

Someone leaked the trailer on Twitter, so the gaming company released it themselves a day before it was scheduled to come out. Legends. 

The trailer confirms that the franchise will return to Vice City, the same setting as the fourth GTA game. 

It also introduces us to Lucia, one of the protagonists and likely the first-ever playable female character in the franchise's history. 

There are also loads of clips that look to be TikToks or live streams, which hints that social media will be a big factor in the game. 

WATCH: The Grand Theft Auto VI official trailer got leaked so Rockstar just released it early Lucia. Credit: Rockstar Games

Understandably, the internet is freaking out at the sudden release of the trailer, which was meant to come out Wednesday morning (3 AM NZT). 

"A legendary response and a historic moment in gaming history," one person wrote. 

"Someone leak the game next so they release it early too," another joked. 

"They said 'fuck it' and leaked it themselves!" a third added. 

"I am so sad that the leak happened but this trailer looks absolutely beautiful," one more wrote. "Incredibly hyped for GTA VI. Now the wait begins!"

'GTA VI' is the first new game Rockstar will release since the critically acclaimed 'Red Dead Redemption 2' came out in 2018. It's also been ten years since 'GTA V' came out, so it's safe to say it's been a long wait. 

Before the announcement of the trailer, the last news we got about the game came in May, when Rockstar's parent company released documents suggesting they're in for a massive next financial year. 

If this prediction still runs true, we can probably predict that 'GTA VI' will come out early in 2025, as their next financial year will end in April of that year. 

We'll keep you updated on when there's an official release date, until then, just watch the trailer 1000 times to get your fix.