Is Fred Again on his way to NZ? Fans are convinced the DJ is about to announce surprise shows
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Is Fred Again on his way to NZ? Fans are convinced the DJ is about to announce surprise shows

Plz don't be playing with us Fred.

Fred Again has fans believing he’s about to head to our corner of the world for a few surprise performances. 

There’s all kinds of detective work going on in fan groups. The big thing for Kiwis is him posting an IG story of ‘Lord Of The Rings’ yesterday, while today he posted stories of him in an airport saying: “When we land, we’re gonna play some shows.”

Aussie Fred fans are frothing too as he’s dropped even more hints that he’s heading to our Trans-Tasman sibling country. As Purple Sneakers TV pointed out, in one IG story he was holding some Vegemite and a song named ‘Soon’ was the music of choice. 

He also shared a selfie with Aussie DJ Joy Anonymous, adding that the two will be hopping on a flight together. In another image, fans noticed red duct tape with the words ‘Rod Laver’ written on it - there is a Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. 

Fans in Fred’s Discord also pointed out that he shared some IG stories with the theme song from the famous Aussie TV show ‘Neighbours’ playing. 

Just to clarify team: 'Inside sources' and other rumours should be always taken with a grain of salt, there is ZERO CONFIRMATION that Fred is on the way, but still, huuuuge if true. 

We don't know if he's coming, but we know Freddy Boy loves a little riddle before dropping some heat for his fans. One of his go-to moves is posting secret show announcements on his social media just hours before they start. 

He was meant to perform at Auckland’s Laneway Festival last year, but that got canned due to the wild weather. He did head down to Welly where he ended up doing a surprise show at Shed 6 (see what I mean?). 

If I know anything about Fred Again it’s that he is a man of the people and he probably feels gutted for his Kiwi fans that missed out on him last year. 

We’ll keep you updated if anything becomes official, until then, keep ya fingers crossed.