Travis Barker accompanies Fred Again's 'Leave Me Alone' on the drums and it actually goes HARD
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Travis Barker accompanies Fred Again's 'Leave Me Alone' on the drums and it actually goes HARD

"Why it's called DRUM & bass."

In an EDM world dominated by CDJs and computer mixes, it can be easy to forget that the ‘D’ in ‘DnB’ is an actual instrument. 

Blink 182’s Travis Barker has covered Fred Again’s ‘leavemealone’ on his drumkit and it’s actually a pretty fkn sick rendition. Even if Blink 182 is a distant and possibly cringey high school memory for you the talent and musical instinct on display from Barker is special to witness.

He posted it to his Instagram where it's racked up over 3 million views, as well as thousands of comments giving the fella props. 

“This is why it’s called drum & bass,” wrote one person. 

"Brooooo wtf,” said another. “You’re different.”

“This man plays with such heart and passion,” a third added. “One of the greatest drummers ever.”

“Feeling a Fred Again collab coming,” one more said. “This is ridiculous”

This isn’t the first time Barker has dabbled in the EDM world. He and Steve Aoki have collaborated a few times. 

Such as at the 2020 MTV Movie & TV Awards, where the two performed a remix of Joe Esposito's ‘You’re The Best Around’ from the 1984 film ‘Karate Kid’. Barker, of course, was on the drums for the performance while Aoki, of course(er), was on the decks. 

He’s also given the drum remix treatment to American DJ Illenium’s track featuring Jon Bellion ‘Good Things Fall Apart’. Unlike his Fred Again cover, Barker officially released his version of this track, and it’s proved relatively popular, attracting over a million views on YouTube. 

Last year a couple of Skrillex tunes got an out-of-the-box remix too. Amit, Gene, Kenny, Chris, and Neil make up the group ‘The Beatbox House’ and they covered 'Rumble' and 'Ratata' using only noises made by their mouths. 

Even if it's not your cup of tea, it's great to hear all this musical talent embracing EDM.