This is the best fast food item you can get in New Zealand - fight me
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This is the best fast food item you can get in New Zealand - fight me

Someone please tell me I'm not alone

A Pork Riblet Sub is the best fast food item you can get in New Zealand.

There, I said it, and I’m not ashamed. I know there are those who may not agree with me, but I get this sandwich at least once a week, so I'm well placed to educate you on the winning qualities of the Pork Rib-LIT. 

Pork Riblet live in the making


What even is the riblet and why is it so yum? 

I’m going to be real here. Those who aren’t fans - I can see where you're coming from. I understand that this mysterious slab of meat may be slightly daunting, but have no fear. Just think of it as a sausage in a different shape without the casing holding it together. Delicious. 

To see what makes this patty taste so damn good, I had a look through the ingredients. 


With little to no nutritional value, the Subway gods minced up a bitta pork, moulded that bad boy into that iconic riblet shape, creating this delicious and succulent boneless pork riblet patty. 

In terms of flavouring, garlic seems to be carrying, which isn’t a surprise as it never fails to enhance any flavour. 

I’m not going to lie, the 80% pork content had me pleasantly surprised. I was prepared for it to be a lot lower. Although it is slightly suss that we don’t know what part of the little piggy is used… but hey, ignorance is bliss, am I right???

What goes best in a pork riblet sub? 

Glad you asked. First up, we have the bread. The go-to has to be Roasted Garlic. It typically goes with any filling, but there's something about the combo of Pork Riblet with a slight hint of garlic in the bread that makes this choice slightly more superior. If you’re like me and feel like switching it up every now and then, I’d recommend the Malted Rye. Sounds (and therefore feels) a bit healthier. 

Next up we have the fillings. I’m not here to tell anyone what they have to choose, this is totally subjective and everyone has different tastes. However, I can make a few suggestions that pair best with the Pork ribby.

Out of the three cheeses, I’d recommend Old English Style. Compared to the Pale Triangle Cheddar - even the name is unappealing - it adds a bit more depth and heartiness when paired with the Pork Riblet. 

Grated cheese isolated on white background

Out of the veggies, choose whatever floats your boat. I must say though, don’t skip the pickles, as they add that bit of zing and crunch which helps balance out the sandwich. 

I personally go with everything but the beetroot and tomato. Extra pickles if I'm feeling brave. (Unpopular opinion about the 'maties but they’re just a bit too wet and soggy for my liking.)

Two sliced green pickles isolated on white background with clipping path

A bit of a life hack for fans of the McDonald's McRib: Order a Roasted Garlic bread with Pork Riblet, add onions, gherkins and a bitta BBQ Sauce. Bada bing, bada boom, you’ve basically got yourself a McRib. 

Lastly, it’s a no brainer that the BBQ sauce is the #1 pairing with the ribby. The harmonious combo of the BBQ and pork is an international staple. Subway knew what they were doing when they added this option, and I’m not mad about it.

This may surprise you, but don’t feel afraid to give the Blue Cheese dressing a go. It doesn’t taste like actual blue cheese much at all, and is sooo deliciously buttery. 

It’s the perfect creamy addition to a sub. Shout out to my old flatmate who worked at Subway for 7 years for this recommendation (bet you can guess what my favourite topic of conversation was with her). To finish the sauces, for those who like a bit of spice, you can never miss with Chipotle Mayo.

sauce bottle isolated on white background

From a gal who knows the Sub of the Day rotation like the back of my hand, I can confidently say Thursdays and Sundays are my favourite days of the week. Pork Riblet falls on these days, and the fact it’s available every dusty Sunday is a huge win. I even changed my work schedule a couple years ago to fall on these days so I could cop this mint deal.  

Also - $6.90 for a six-inch in a cossy lives crisis? Can’t complain. The Subway voucher my sister got me for Christmas (yes, that's how passionate I am) is still going strong with a price like that.  

Pork Riblet

Please, Subway, never discontinue the Pork Riblet. Let its legacy live on forever. I'll still be buying it when I'm 60.