Fred Again Wellington: Why pay scalpers $400 a ticket when this gal's got one going for $20?
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Fred Again Wellington: Why pay scalpers $400 a ticket when this gal's got one going for $20?

“Honestly, changing the game - genius idea!”

Wellington's Fred Again fans are straight-up fuming over ticket scalpers asking for insanely high prices.

But amidst all this chaos, there's one Kiwi gal who's throwin' some positivity into the mix with her ticket resale game.

When tickets went on sale without much notice on Wednesday, fans were left sitting in the queue on the Ticketek website while scalpers were already listing tickets online for up to $400 a pop.

But while they’re out there ripping people off, Kiera Brodie is selling her ticket online for just $20, and the way she's chosen to do it makes her an absolute legend.

“I have ended up with an extra ticket, and I know how in-demand these are, and also how many people are getting ripped off with ridiculous prices,” she wrote in her listing on the Vic Deals Facebook page.

All she’s asking is for anyone interested in getting their hands on the ticket to “donate a minimum of $20 to any one of the charities [she’s] listed below.”

SOURCE: Vic Deals Facebook page

The comments have been flooding in with screenshots of loads of keen fans making donations to some bloody deserving charities including I Am Hope, Malaghan Institute, Outpawed and Donna Doolittle’s Animal Rescue.

“You beautiful person,” one commenter wrote. “What an amazing thing to do.”

Another said: “Honestly, changing the game - genius idea!”

“Thank you for what you've done here, it's awful seeing the scalping happening right now,” added a third.

As of last night, Kiera's raised over $800 for her chosen charities, and you know there's gonna be more where that came from.

“Have been overwhelmed with everyone's responses, thank you to those who have donated,” she said.

She's keepin' the raffle open until 12pm, so if you wanna get in on scoring a cheap ticket while doin' some good in the world, now's your chance.