Lil Jon's new EDM mosh anthem is so gnashy, club owners want it banned

Lil Jon's new EDM mosh anthem is so gnashy, club owners want it banned

Everybody back the fuck up.

From 'Get Low' to 'Turn Down For What', Lil Jon is the king of lighting clubs TF up.

Now he's back with possibly his heaviest tune yet, 'In The Pit'.

The rapper/producer/DJ told Billboard: "If I play it in a bottle service club, the owners will be like, 'What the fuck is wrong with you? You're trying to tear my club up.'"  

"A lot of my music's been banned,"

"I did the crunk movement, and it's the same feeling now as the crunk era -- that got people too crazy, too fucking wild, fighting and all kinds of shit. My whole career has been: I make music for the club to go crazy."

Teaming up with Skellism and Terror Bass for this one.

Lil Jon first heard the electronic duo, Skellism, drop the beat at EDC last year, and he was blown away.

"It's the hardest fucking beat I've heard. I haven't heard anybody with a beat that hard."

He's since added that Lil Jon 'Je ne sais quoi,' with lyrics that essentially encourage the listeners to create a death circle and go fucking crazy.

Even dropping the above video, of crazy af death circles to the sounds of 'In The Pit' on his YouTube page.     

The single was distributed to a number of DJs earlier this year, so it's been doing it's rounds in the festIval circuit. Live rips appeared online, and fans have been appearing at shows, frothing for the banger - but it's only received it's official release now.  

Francisco Romo of Skellism explained to Billboard: "We can't play it in the middle of sets anymore, because half the people end up getting kicked out by security."


Let's get rowdy, let's get fucking rowdy. 

Stream the full tune below: