The Pickle Rick condom is probably the greatest Kickstarter idea of all time

The Pickle Rick condom is probably the greatest Kickstarter idea of all time



Contraception has never got me excited. Until now.

"Bang your chick with Rick!" 

Who wouldn't want to be boned by a big, green schlong? Am I right?  

'Pickle Dick Rick' was launched in Pittsburgh by a dude called Jonathon Robinson and a group of fellow Rick & Morty fans, and I'm calling it the best Kickstarter... ever.

And those Exploding Kittens guys who raised 8mil a couple years ago to create "a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats," were pretty great... 

But 'Pickle Dick Rick' is BETTER. 

Robinson explains how the 'Pickle Dick Rick' Kickstarter came to be:

"Smoked a lot of weed, got high, then saw ONE picture of the Pickle Rick condoms! I thought to myself, I WANT ONE! Then.... I realized they aren't for sale anywhere... so why not make them myself?" 

Bong brainwaves are a beauitful thing. 

They're looking for about 3k to cover initial marketing/lincesing, and are gunning for a Christmas release - which if they succeed, guess what fam? PICKLE DICK RICK CONDOMS FOR EVERYONE.

"We are trying to 'release' (haha get it?) before Christmas 2017! But only if we get enough backers by our due date! Help us make it happen!

We'll release the condom's at $9.99 for a pack of ten. They will feature Pickle Rick on the outside of the wrapper with a green condom on the inside. EACH PACK will include R&M Stickers as well. These will be the FIRST EDITION Pickle Rick condoms. "Collectors Item" if you will."

Sadly, this Kickstarter has been suspended with just $500 raised. Possibly a copyright issue? I've reached out for a comment but am yet to hear back from Robinson. Hopefully he's just real busy getting his Kickstarter another kickstart...  

I hope he pulls through. Pickle Dick Rick is the hero we all need.


Roisin Kelly
(Ro the web girl)