Girl responsible for Flume eating ass vid speaks out about what happened

Girl responsible for Flume eating ass vid speaks out about what happened

What else was he gonna do?

If you missed it, Flume went viral this week for a video Diplo posted from Burning Man festival. The video showed Flume diving his face into a girls ass on stage, and people were pretty outraged by it...

The girl turned out to be his girlfriend (Paige Elkington), and the act was far from the strangest or dirtiest thing to take place at the festie - Burning Man is an entire 9 days of total freedom and craziness in the desert. But the video caused a stir regardless. 

Now the girl who was responsible for what happened has spoken out - a fan, Ambor Mercy, who was holding up a sign saying "Does Flume even eat ass?". 

"It’s sad to me that people are making it out to be some crazy sex act when he just put his face in [the woman’s] bottom. There was consent from her and she was wearing underwear so it’s not like he actually [performed the sex act] on stage. It was just in good Burning Man fun," said Ambor.

She'd been using the sign all week to write notes to DJs, which is pretty common at the fest.

"We had initially written on the white board, ‘Do you think Flume eats ass’ as a joke. We had a few flash lights that we were pointing towards it so he could read it.

"[Flume] gave us two thumbs up when we saw the sign so we wrote 'Prove it'. He did not disappoint and did it. We also got him to take off his shirt. It was all in good fun and everyone who was there to see him was loving it."

Flume has also given a cheeky update on his own Instagram, sharing a photo of himself eating a peach with the caption 'It was a joke (sorry mum) 🍑'.

Check out the vid on Diplo's Insta below - it's the 8th one along in this post: