Spring Break Experience FIJI, The Ultimate Bucket List

Spring Break is back!

Spring Break has evolved into a bucket list ticking trip like no other. For more than 10 years the organisers have used group buying power to not only get everything ridiculously cheaper than what it would usually cost you, but they have also been putting that power into creating experiences that you couldn’t buy or experience anywhere else in the world!!

With flights from Auckland, Brisbane or Sydney, we’ve nailed down our favourite five highlights below!

1. The Chartered 98 Foot Party Yacht! Within 30 minutes of landing you’ll be partying on the front deck of this beautiful beast, fully stacked with ice colds and an epic sound system as you sail out to paradise.

2. An Exclusively Chartered Island Resort! No families, no kids, everyone keeps an eye out for each other. There’s talent everywhere and what goes on the island stays on the island! No matter what happens, you are surrounded by people you know.

Spring Break Experience FIJI, The Ultimate Bucket List

3. Cloud Break, Kelly Slater’s favourite wave and home of the Fiji Pro. With huge thanks to the Fijian Government opening access in 2010, you can now ride the world renowned break with private boat charters available throughout your time at Spring Break!

4. Cloud 9! The luxurious two-story floating dream that is Cloud9. Exclusively chartered by SpringBreak FIJI so you can kick back with cocktail in hand or party top deck with Spring Break’s international DJ’s before diving off into the turquoise waters below!

5. The Legendary Sand Bank surrounded by nothing but stunning clear water, when the tide goes out Spring Break creates your very own wonderland in the middle of the South Pacific – no where else in the world will you experience something like this!

Spring Break Experience FIJI, The Ultimate Bucket List

And the it’s too easy to get there! All inclusive flights, transfers, accommodation, entertainment and your meals are included. Packages can be secured with $50 down, you can then pay it off in monthly instalments!

If you’re keen on not letting this year slip by take this one by the reins and register for the VIP draw @