Flume says he was on the same path as Avicii, opens up about alcohol use

Flume says he was on the same path as Avicii, opens up about alcohol use

Flume says he no longer drinks before shows.

Flume has opened up about using alcohol to self-medicate and revealed that he was heading down the same path as the late Avicii in a recent interview.

Appearing on the My Friend Podcast, Flume said: 'I mean I used a lot of alcohol. Like, when performing, I would drink to calm nerves. 

'I would drink to make it bearable, which sounds crazy but really it's the truth. I'm just not a performer and I've definitely used alcohol to feel comfortable on stage in front of people.' 

Flume added that mental health concerns combined with substance abuse could have seen him head towards the same fate as Avicii, who tragically took his own life in 2018.

He said: 'I think people like Avicii and things, are literally the same as me. And he died because he was medicating himself just like I was, with alcohol, drugs, whatever. 

'He wasn't happy.' 

Flume said that despite not drinking before shows to calm his nerves, he's still constantly dealing with anxiety.     

'Now I don't drink before shows, because I kind of realised that was a pattern, and it was getting pretty bad,' he said. 

'The second I enter the festival I'm riddled with anxiety. Even to this day, after I've done thousands of shows, I still get anxious.'

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