LISTEN: Dimension drops ‘DJ Turn It Up’ and Turno releases ‘Rave Out’ for a huge DnB Friday

LISTEN: Dimension drops ‘DJ Turn It Up’ and Turno releases ‘Rave Out’ for a huge DnB Friday

Couple fooking heaters for ya Fridee.

Your Friday just got better as two MASSIVE drum and bass tunes dropped today, just in time to chuck ‘em in a mix at pres. 

UK DJ/producer Dimension released ‘DJ Turn It Up’, a tune fans have been curious about since he’s been whipping it out during his sets. 

It only just dropped, but the immediate reaction is looking gewd. Commenters on the YouTube video of the track have called it “fuckin’ sick,” a “banger,” and an “absolute focking heater”. Oi Oi!

Another shlapper of a tune that came out today comes from the Italian DJ Turno and features Skepsis and Charlotte Plank. It’s called ‘Rave Out’ and Turno shared the story of how it came to be on his Instagram. 

“THE TIME HAS COME!” he wrote. “Soooo gassed to finally unleash this track on the world!!! The hype is REAL!!”

“It all started at a writing camp on January 6th. Me and Skeppy met Charlotte for the first time and this was the result!!! Never did we expect it to get so much attention after performing it at the WHP (Warehouse Project)… but here we ARE!!!!!”

“Can’t thank EVERYONE enough who has made this possible and worked soo hard to get it to this place! Believe me, we have done everything in our power to make this BLOW so I hope you’re sick of the sight of it after summer,” he added. 

Make sure to get those in rotation as you get safely silly this weekend (you don’t have to froth them, just give ‘em a chaaaaance). 

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