Local frother begins plotting how to get a "nos tank/10,000 nangs" into his fave NY festival

festival 16/08/2017

With all the major NZ New Year’s festivals having made their first line up announcements, many of you steamers are already buying your tickets and organising your NY accommodation.

Meanwhile, others priorities are set on getting a steady supply of nitros oxide on site for when they’re fizzing out their buttholes and hungry for nangs at their NY's festival of choice.

And when we say hungry, we’re talking a full tank.

General called this anonymous punter who loves getting on the rinse and inhaling a cheeky nang (or 10,000) to discuss logistics.

DISCLAIMER:  We acknowledge that rinsers will be rinsers, and we know how much you like recreational drugs based on the amount of people who click on every drug related story we post, but inhaling nitros oxide has been illegal since 2005 in New Zealand and we DO NOT condone or encourage illegal drug use.

And we defo don’t think sneaking drugs into a festival is a good idea, especially not large quanitities. Don’t cook your NY (and your life) by getting arrested for drug dealing or possession.