Listeners provide market appraisal weed prices in NZ

weed 20/04/2017

Tammy’s been trying to hock off raffle tickets for his daughter* to go on a trip to Hawaii, hassling the entire office… and the entire George audience for raffle $$$.

One George listener text in saying they’d buy a raffle ticket if the prize was an ounce, which led to Clint and Kara pondering on how much an ounce is worth these days and how many $20 bags are inside… which then caused the text machine to blow up on a scale larger than ever before seen in George history.

Bunch of stoners. The lot of ya.

We got some stellar texts through, including: “$300 bush, 350 to 450 for skunky monkey.”

Hit me up for gangster 20s and 50s.

No ticks.


You guys want to smoke a fat blunt?

Surprisingly, George listeners market appraisal of weed prices in NZ was largely unanimous. 

28 grams in an ounce, 1 gram in a tinny, and 3 grams in a fair $50…

So, really what you’re telling us is we’ve been getting ripped? What’s up with all these 2.4 fiddys rolling around?

Anywaaaay. Check out a few of the texts below and happy 4/20!

*Turns out the raffle is actually for Tammy's wife to go to Hawaii, he just told us it was his daughter “for an empathy vote”…  bloody state of it.