George | Zane Lowe Reacts to new NZ Tunes
George | Zane Lowe Reacts to new NZ Tunes
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"That drop is legendary" Zane Lowe reacts to NZ tunes

"Send me that song, I'll play it this weekend".

The legend that is Zane Lowe stopped by the studio this week.

As arguably NZ's best music expert and Apple Music's creative director, you know when Zane Lowe says a song is a tune, it's an absolute tuuuune.

Lee and Tammy played Zane a few new songs from kiwi artists to see what he thought of them.

After hearing Mylen's new song Hearts Locked, Zane said he loved it and mentioned that Mylen is 'obviously a songwriter' with how the song is structured.

Lee then played EMWA's 'Show Me The Way', which Zane straight up called 'a f***ing heatrock'.

"An artist like that obviously loves to make those records and it sounds epic. It's all about the drop in that scene and that drop is f***ing epic".

To finish things off, Lee played the unreleased but deadset banger from BAVHU 'Always Dancin' '.

.2 seconds into the song Zane straight away said "alright, give me this, I'll play this Saturday".

Absolute huge for the BAHVU boys and NZ scene to know that one of the GOATS is loving what's coming out.