What happens when Tammy is in control of the desk
Tammy tries to do General's job of pushing the buttons....yeah nah.
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George Breakfast

Tammy's absolute shocker trying to do General Lee's job and run the show

Did we expect anything else though?

Absolute scenes in the studio today.

General Lee - the man behind the desk who pushes all the buttons to make sure the show sounds good on-air - won't be here for the next couple of days, as he'll be hitting the road to play support at Groove Armada Live (how cool is that btw).

That leaves Tammy in charge of running the show, in General's absence. Which sounds like an absolute nightmare on paper, and turns out - it's a nightmare in real life too.

Tammy's been "practicing" all week at playing the anchor role, putting in the "extra mahi" (his words) so he's up to scratch to take over the big seat on Friday and Monday. 

We got him to give it a good nudge today and, well....let's just say it went exactly how we thought it would. Terribly.

Watch above, and pray for a miracle tomorrow.