Sachi Interview
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George Breakfast

Sachi talk new music and make an exciting announcement on George Breakfast

‘Very special thing that we have never done before’.

The lads from Sachi, Nick Chrisp and Will Thomas joined Lee on the show to chat about their newest track, along with a veeeery special announcement. 

Following its Tomorrowland debut in Belgium, ‘Whole Again’ was released on Friday the 23rd of June and booooy is it a tune. Give it a listen below. 

The pair got an ‘amazing response’ from the crowd at Tomorrowland which made them that much more excited for its release and for the rest of us to hear. 

We’re absolutely stoked to have it out in the world.

They said they’re still busy in the studio, currently finishing a ton of music so fingers crossed we get our hands on an album some time soon…

Now for the announcement. The pair were absolutely stoked to let us know that ‘CLUB SACHI’ has finally come to fruition.

After the Auckland flooding, they performed a DJ set down at The Mothership in Auckland with free entry to ‘boost a bit of morale’ and ‘give back to the community’. 

This sparked the idea for ‘CLUB SACHI’ which follows three different DJ sets across the country in Wellington, Dunedin and Auckland. The two will put on an intimate night to celebrate the electronic music scene and to test out unreleased music they’ve been working on.

It’s gonna be a lot of fun, very intimate shows, meet people that are fans of our music, we’re gassed.

The best part is the club nights are FREE ENTRY all thanks to Monkey Shoulder Whisky, on a first come first served basis - so make sure you get in early!

They have a huge range of supporting acts, with the likes of our girl Sin for the Auckland gig, Benny Balance in Wellington and DJ Bax in Dunners.

For more info and the cheeky channame once to get your  the door, click here.