Brook takes on the punters at the HSBC NZ 7s
Costume check
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George Drive

Brook takes on the punters at the HSBC NZ Sevens

The Human RAT test checks out the costumes in the Tron

Brook the Human RAT test ventured to his homeland in the Waikato for the HSBC New Zealand Sevens at FMG Stadium - and it's safe to say the punters were on form.

Check out the vid up top as Brook catches up with a Greek God, some soldiers, a Jazzercise class, MC Bula, a table tennis player called Wilma and rides a carnival attraction with Batman.

He also asks a couple of prisoners what they did to get in - one bloke didn't quite get it - and questioned a few melon owners on fruit and vege prices.

It's exactly as chaotic as it sounds.

Find more from Brook's massive summer on our socials @georgefmnz and @georgefmdrive including his stint as R&V changeover DJ here.