Brook Gibson's top 10 most stolen cars in NZ for 2022
Could yours be on the list!?
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NZ's most stolen cars of 2022 reveal it may be time to fire up TradeMe again

Could yours be on the list!?

Brook has found the top 10 most stolen vehicles of 2022 (thanks to AMI insurance) and it is an absolute doozy.

Great entertainment for some, but if your old faithful happens to be in the top 10, a quick hoon to the shops to fortify that weapon could be needed. 

Check out the full list (with some creative, but strikingly accurate additional descriptions from Brook) below.


If ya own one of these bad bois, probably best to flick it 🚗 #foryou #foryoupage #fyp

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10. Commonly used by Hamilton Boys High students to wag and get frozen cokes at number ten the Mazda Familia.

9. At number nine, the Subaru Impreza.

8. The anti-ram-raider-gram-raider 3000 at number eight it's the Toyota Corolla.

7. The 'don't look too close there is probably a bong under the passenger seat' at number seven, the Subaru Legacy.

6. The shopping cart on wheels, at number six the Toyota Vitz.

5. The 'I had to google what the hell one of these was', at number five the Toyota MarkX.

4. The long-nosed-Demio, at number four the Mazda Atenza (also known as the Mazda 6 wagon).

3. The poor man's Mazda Demio, at number three the Nissan Tiida.

2. The flavour of the month among 14-year-olds that need to take a look in the mirror and sort their shit out, number two, the Mazda Demio.

1. Lastly, what used to be primarily reserved for anime fans that lived at home has now taken out the top spot for the most stolen vehicle as its counterpart the Demio are few and far between now after the majority have ended up through local boozer windows, number one, is the Toyota Aqua (or Toyota Prius C).

While it might look bad if you do own one of these absolute weapons, don't stress too much because over 90% of these stolen cars are eventually returned to their owners.

Just to be safe though, experts reckon keeping any valuables out of sight (including bongs for the Subaru Legacy owners), parking in well-lit areas and utilising a steering wheel lock to make sure your car is still there when you get back from a yarn at the pub.