Brook’s six simple tips for not getting kicked out of your work Xmas party
George Drive
George Drive

Brook’s six simple tips for not getting kicked out of your work Xmas party

It's a fine line between a night to remember and a meeting with HR.

With a great corporate bar tab comes great responsibility and even greater risk.

That’s why Brook from George Drive has taken his many years of experience toeing the line at work X-mas parties and turned it into advice that'll ensure you still have a paycheck the next day. 

Follow these expert tips and you’ll have a jolly old time, securing yourself on Santa and the big wig’s good list. 

Brook's guide to not getting kicked out of the work x-mas party

Brook's guide to not getting fired at work X-mas party
Six tips to staying employed this silly season.
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1. Early Schmoozing

“A couple of weeks out, start getting buddy-buddy with the Christmas party committee,” Brook advises. “As they say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

“If push comes to shove on the evening, they might cut you some slack and not boot your ass out if you’re being a drongo.”

2. An Obvious One

“Christmas parties are usually themed. To really save you from not only being kicked out but ultimately fired, there’s one key thing not to do. Pretty stock standard stuff: No blackface.”

3. Keep The Rig In

“Shirtless dancing is for karaoke kickons - resist till then.”

4. Don't Give The Printer A Hard Time

“Get your dick, ass or titties out of the photocopier! We don’t want any pressed ham in the photocopier this Christmas.”

5. You're Mo Farah, Not Usain Bolt

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint. The bar tab is a limit, not a target (unless it’s a GST tax write-off, then it all gets a bit confusing).”

6. They Are Your COWORKERS

“Leave the office trim alone. Goes for anyone - don’t pest. You’re not a stray mutt on heat, have some respect for yourself.”

That’s it champions, good luck out there.