From glass eyes to heirloom tomatoes: The crookest stuff Kiwis left in their Ubers

From glass eyes to heirloom tomatoes: The crookest stuff Kiwis left in their Ubers

People lose more than just their phones and dignity after a big night out.

We’ve all been there before, waking up after a big night out and realising your phone is nowhere to be found.

You ask your flatmates, check the couch, bathroom, kitchen, and, of course, last night’s pants.

When you accept it's nowhere in the house, you realise you’ve got to go hit last night’s Uber driver up - all on a dusty Sunday as well.

Well, imagine waking up with only one of your eyes. Such was the case for at least one Kiwi out there.

Close-up of logo at Greenlight Hub and inspection center for ridesharing company Uber Inc, a centralized location where new drivers' vehicles are inspected and cleared by the company, in the Silicon Valley, San Jose, California, September 18, 2018. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

Uber has revealed the weirdest (and most common) items people have left behind: 

1. A prosthetic eye
2. Organic heirloom tomatoes
3. A trophy
4. A sentimental metal straw
5. A family member

Weow, a lot to unpack there.

First of all, it must suck to lose an eye. But imagine being the Uber driver, cleaning your car, or maybe just driving around hearing something clunk around somewhere in the car.

You look under the driver's seat, and you see a singular eyeball staring right back at you. As if Uber drivers didn't have to go through enough shit already.  

From glass eyes to heirloom tomatoes: The crookest stuff Kiwis left in their Ubers

Next are the heirloom tomatoes. I'll be honest, I do not know a whole lot about heirloom tomatoes. In fact, I thought that this originally meant that the tomatoes were passed down the Uber rider's family for generations, y'know like a piece of jewellery or a watch. 

I have since come to discover that heirloom tomatoes are some of the more luscious, tasty, and valued tomatoes out there. They are named such because they are the result of gardeners hand-picking the seeds of only the best tomatoes of their crop over time.

I can only feel the deepest condolences for the person that left the end result of an inter-generational line of tomato gardening in the back seat of an Uber. 

Losing a trophy just sounds heartbreaking, to be honest. All that jubilation and pride you’d feel, only to get home, go to show your mates, and it’s just gone.

A sentimental metal straw. Again, just why?

Finally, leaving a family member in an uber. We’ve all been the mate or had a mate who's just had way too many lemonades to get in and out of an Uber without assistance, so this one is not super surprising.

However, this implies that there was no conversation occurring in the Uber because you’d notice someone if there was chatter going on. This further implies that one of the passengers committed a cardinal sin and did not ask the driver how busy their night was.

Now that all the weird stuff has been covered, the most common items lost in Ubers will come as no shock. The top three items on the list are your phone, wallet, and keys - the staples of your pockets every time you leave the house. Rounding out the top five are bags and glasses. No surprise at all. 

If you are unlucky enough to lose your phone, keys, eyeball, or sister in an Uber in the future, the company made this video which explains how you can go about retrieving the lost item.