Ukrainians are taking part in 'clean-up raves' to restore their bombed towns

Ukrainians are taking part in 'clean-up raves' to restore their bombed towns

DJs are parked up on ammunition crates as hundreds clean up rubble

Young Ukrainians are making the most of a shit situation by getting a groove on while cleaning bomb-ravaged villages. 

In the village of Yahdine, north of Kyiv, over 200 ravers are cleaning up rubble as techno and house music plays in the background. The small village had a population of just over 300 before it was decimated by Russian rocket strikes a couple of months ago. 

The Ukrainian club scene, which was known for being off the chain, had to shut down when Russia invaded in late February. To get the community going again, as well as help out their homeland, the ‘clean-up raves’ began.

DJs are parked up on ammunition boxes as volunteers shovel debris into tractors, occasionally taking breaks to let loose and cut some shapes.

Tania Burianova, who organised the effort with the Repair Together initiative, told AP that ravers have had to swap nights out for hard work because of the Russian Invasion.

“Volunteering is my lifestyle now,” she said. 

One of the DJs, Oleksandr Buchinskiy, said the volunteers would love to just party without worrying, but the devastation the war has brought to their lives has made them feel obligated to help their country out. 

“These are all young people that still have a passion for life, but they feel pain and are very sad and angry because of the war,” he said. 

So far, the legends - which also include volunteers from Portugal, the USA, Germany, and more - have repaired 15 homes in the village and plan on moving to other villages when they finish in Yahdine. 

A 68-year-old villager, Nina, said there’s no way their village could have been restored without the help of the ravers. 

“They already repaired our windows, doors, and entrances. We couldn’t do it ourselves with our salaries or pensions. I’m thankful that they helped us.”

Big ups to these guys, it's unfathomable what they're going through, but to see them having a good time while helping out is truly inspirational. 

You can donate to Repair Together and help out their cause here.