Kiwi DJ duo Chaos in the CBD make killer festie appearance on Boiler Room

Kiwi DJ duo Chaos in the CBD make killer festie appearance on Boiler Room

Louis and Beans adding more goodness to Boiler Room's 2022 mixes.

A couple of boys from Aoteroa have done yet another Boiler Room set, blessing all our eardrums.

Brothers Ben and Louis Helliker-Hales, AKA ‘Chaos in the CBD’, made their fifth Boiler Room appearance, with this latest one coming from their set at Glitch Festival in Malta. 

Check out their full set below. 

The set is 58 minutes of some groovy, up-tempo mixing. It’s a bit of a difference from the mellow house music that they're known for, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. 

Just goes to show the talent of the two Kiwi blokes that they can deliver whatever vibe they want to. 

They posted some of the filthiest highlights of the mix on their Instagram. The caption reads: “we did the deed! Our @boilerroomtv up now on youtube 😏 run that shit up for us 😝."

Youtube comments were praising the boys on their work, while still wishing they’d play some of their own stuff. 

“Immaculate vibes in this set,” says one comment. 

“Fantastic set as always with these 2,” starts another. “But I’m always wanting more of their own music!! Their own sound is so good, they should play more of it!”

“Louis and beans know how to throw down a party!!” reads one more.

Chaos in the CBD are a couple of Boiler Room veterans nowadays. As mentioned before, this is their fifth time dropping a set for the British broadcaster. 

For their last set, they were the headliner at a Boiler Room showcase in Barcelona and they killed it, sending the crowd in a frenzy and doing our little country proud. 

It’s always bloody good to see our very own thriving on the world stage, and it has been a great year for Kiwis behind the decks.

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