Dillon Francis brings George FM's own EMWA on stage and plays her song at Auckland gig

Right Here Right Now 18/07/2022

George FM Nights' own DJ EMWA got pulled up on stage at Dillon Francis' show at Sub XL in Auckland on the weekend and it’s fucking great to see. 

Dillon Francis is one of the reasons Em started DJing so this was a bit of a crazy moment for her, such a moment in fact that she had a little cry after going on stage. 

She shared it all on her socials so have a watch and indulge in the warm fuzzies that come with it. 

She also shared a screenshot of a past interview where she was asked what made her get into DJing. She answered that she always thought it was a bit of a pipe dream, until attending a festival in 2014. 

“It seemed like some fairytale/unrealistic job, so I never thought of it as a career for myself,” she said. 

Going to Big Day Out in 2014, I saw Flosstradamus and Dillon Francis live. That was the day I could see with my own eyes what I wanted to do.

Nothing quite like seeing someone’s dreams come true and this is exactly what’s happening here - big ups to Dillon and Em!

Before the show, Dillon popped into the studio where the Drive team played a tune by Em (a.k.a 'The Queen of 140 naughties’) to the ‘Get Low' DJ.

He absolutely loved it, losing his headphones while jamming out to it and then saying that he’s definitely gonna play it.

This just goes to show how much of an incredible bloke Mr Francis is.

He not only killed it for the Auckland crowd but also was a great interview when he popped into the studio - even getting dripped out in some quality George FM merch. 

Seriously a top bloke. 

Make sure to listen to George Nights to hear EMWA in her natural element behind the decks.