Fred Again drops flip of Lorde's ‘Tennis Court’ remix and 'leavemealone' in Aus and it goes OFF
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Fred Again drops flip of Lorde's ‘Tennis Court’ remix and 'leavemealone' in Aus and it goes OFF

"Sent the Gold Coast to another f*cking dimension."

As Kiwis keep refreshing Fred Again’s IG stories waiting for NZ show announcements, Aussies are getting amongst it. 

All we can do is bask in the glory of clips that get shared online and this one is a nod to NZ music During his Gold Coast pop-up gig, Fred whipped out a mix of his tune ‘leavemealone’ with Flume’s remix of Lorde’s ‘Tennis Court’. 

The moment was posted to Instagram by Sian Antis and it is absolutely nutty and seriously FOMO-inducing. As Sian put it, Fred took “the whole of the Gold Coast to another fucking dimension.”

All credit for the specific flip Fred mixed goes to Frederick Music AKA Quix, a Kiwi DJ/Producer who is incredibly talented at flipping songs. He crafted that beauty and Fred just implemented it into his set. 

Over the weekend, Fred wrapped up the Aussie shows he announced at the beginning of the month. He’s yet to say what his next move but in his comments, you’ll find residents of Perth and Kiwis begging the bloke to visit them next. 

And, if a supposedly leaked tour schedule is to be believed, both might be right. A screenshot of a list of locations and dates has been making the rounds online. 

It’s completely unconfirmed, but it shows Fred coming to Auckland on the 22nd of March and doing two shows at Spark Arena the following week. After that, it has him heading to Perth for another two shows.

Auckland Uni also teased a Fred Again gig but I'd take that as seriously as I took my first year of uni - not at all. 

Again, no one knows if it’s legit or not. All there is to do now is keep praying that Fred will descend and bless all our earholes in a similar way