Grant and Tayla from Love Island broke up because Grant is an absolute dog

BREAKING 19/07/2018

No way.

After it coming out recently that Love Island winners, Tayla Damir and Grant Crapp, were on the rocks after Grant was outed having a secret girlfriend through the entire season, the two have decided to inevitably call it quits.

The Love Island Australia Instagram account just released the news:

In the interview where Grant finally admitted the secret girlfriend rumours were true, Tayla explained that it would take a while for the trust to be back again but that they were really wokring on it.

Obviously they just couldn't work it out. Tayla has then confirmed the break up in a thoughtful Insta post as well. 

In reference to the break up, Tayla said in an interview:

Obviously I'm heartbroken, it was a big shock to the system. I still respect him as a person and I just think he's young and he's made a massively bad decision, and didn't really think of the consequences that maybe a girl would have fallen in love with him, which just happened to be me.

Tayla aslo added in an interview that the break up especially hurt, due to the revelation that Grant was not on the show for genuine reasons, and that this secret girlfriend was in on the whole thing.

"I told Grant he needed to own up. I finally got the answer that was the truth: he was on there to promote himself and he did have a girlfriend who was running his business while he was inside the Villa."

SMH - This is ridiculous.

In response to the post made by @loveislandau on instagram, Grant then commented on it saying the whole thing was news to him? We can't figure out if he's joking or not?

Probably just Grant being Grant...

Silver lining: at least they both got 50k out of it? (Not that Grant deserves it)

But nothing like some cash money and a whole bunch more followers to make the broken heart all worth it.