Mike Tyson was tripping on shrooms when he fought Roy Jones Jr in 2020
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Mike Tyson was tripping on shrooms when he fought Roy Jones Jr in 2020

"I wouldn't fight without them, are you crazy?"

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson recently revealed that he was tripping on psychedelic mushrooms when he fought old foe Roy Jones Jr a couple of years ago.

Appearing on ‘The Pivot Podcast’, he told the host he was on shrooms during his last fight, and that he wished he'd been taking them his whole career. 

“[I] wouldn’t fight without them, are you crazy? And some weed,” he told the hosts, raising a few eyebrows.

“I wish I did this shit during my career. I’m so fucking mad I didn’t know about this shit.”

With how utterly ferocious Mike was in the ring during his career, it’s pretty hard to imagine what it would’ve been like had he been tripping while demolishing some of the biggest and best fighters on the planet. 

Iron Mike was asked if he uses shrooms and weed to run away from inner demons, but he reckoned the opposite was true - that they actually help him.

“We don’t use this to run away … we use this to run to us,” he said. 

Have a geez at the fight below. Mike does look pretty smooth and calculated during the fight, even at the age of 53. 

While he was once one of the most violent, out-of-line, and straight-up scariest humans to walk the planet, Tyson has calmed down in his post-fighting career. 

He owns a weed resort (which is 420 acres, noice) which he uses to sell a bunch of marijuana products and has been earning him a shit ton of money, some reckon up to $1 million a month

He also has his own podcast, 'Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson', where he pretty much gets baked and talks to celebrity guests, such as Steve-O and Israel Adesanya, about fighting or whatever comes to mind.

Good to see Mike living his best life after a pretty wild ride of a career back in the day.