Fred Again reveals the original sources of those voices he samples in his first ‘Actual Life’ album
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Fred Again reveals the original sources of those voices he samples in his ‘Actual Life’ album

"I want you to see me Fred!"

The mastermind DJ/producer, Fred Again.., has shared the OG clips of the voices he sampled on his 2021 album ‘Actual Life’.

“We gone make it through,” and “I want you to see me Fred,” are used throughout the piece of art that is ‘Actual Life’, and it turns out that the encouraging words came from the mouth of Carlos, a construction worker Fred met in Atlanta. 

The UK deck maestro shared a clip of him and Carlos chopping it up to his TikTok, saying “since the boiler room set there’s been quite a few new peeps so I thought I should share some of the music that led us here.”

Vibes in the video are immaculate, and the fact that Fred can take a random conversation and implement it into his tunes just shows the lad's talent. 

Not only that, but he said that he just started randomly sampling the convo when he was dusty, which is crazy because the last thing I want to hear when I’m hungover is the conversations I had last night. 

Fred shared another clip he sampled, involving a spoken word poet that uttered a phrase near ‘perfection’ according to the DJ. 

The poet goes by the name ‘Guante’ and just Fred found him randomly one day, then turned a segment of his poem into a killer tune. 

Fred Again has had a huge 2022, stemming from the now famous Boiler Room set he did back in July.

Many people called it one of the greatest DJ sets they’ve ever seen, our very own Sin and Brooke freaked out over it, saying it signifies that a new era of dance music is upon us, and a former George producer who saw him live said it was a 'surreal' experience.

If you haven't already, treat yourself and listen to his Boiler Room set, if you have, why not give it another listen?