'Surreal': Travelling Kiwi raver tells us what it's like to get into a private Fred Again gig

'Surreal': Travelling Kiwi raver tells us what it's like to get into a private Fred Again gig

"I really don’t think I’ll experience a show like that ever again."

UK DJ Fred Again has been a part of the dance music scene for years but is blowing up right now and getting the recognition he deserves. 

Sin and Brook react to Fred Again's Boiler room
"I don't know if we truly understand the magnitude of what we're experiencing right now in dance music."
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Off the back of a Boiler Room set that had Sin and Brooke singing his praises as a dance music pioneer, Fred hosted a private, intimate gig in a secret location in London and one of our own managed to get front left at the sweatiest show of all time. 

Former George Breakfast producer Alex made it her absolute mission to make it to a Fred Again show after moving to London -  but it's no easy feat. 

After Fred posted on his social media about the show, Alex said she "just HAD TO GET THERE…somehow". 

The shows are first in, first served so you have to be committed in order to make it, but it sounds like it's bloody worth the admin. 

"It was surreal, it was soooooo sweaty we were all so drenched!! The best part was being surrounded by fellow TRUE Fred again fans, there were points of the night where we’d just look at each other and go YUP, we just GET IT," she said. 

"We knew exactly what we were here for and it was for the muso mastermind right in front of us: Fred!!! I can’t believe I got to hear unreleased music of his LIVE, can’t believe I was like 5 metres away from him the whole time, genuinely cannot believe my eyes got to watch him for 1.5 hours." 

Before he blew the roof off the place with his new music and unreleased songs, Fred started the night by mixing and mingling on the dance floor. 

"He’s so lovely and fun with the crowd as well, happy to talk to any of us, or to dance with any of us!" Alex said. 

He then went back to back with Kennybeats, who later called the gig a "historic night" on social media. 

"I just think he’s the best and such a great example for musicians today and in the future!! To stay humble, to continue to be yourself, and to not let fame ruin you as a person." 

Fred himself couldn't seem to believe how good the vibes were, writing on Insta: "My days that was sweatyyyyy!!!" 

"Big love to the beauties who were with us," he added. "That shit was funnnn!"