‘Absolutely fkn nuts’: Lee Mvtthews hit Aussie for their first ever overseas show and love it
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‘Absolutely fkn nuts’: Lee Mvtthews hit Aussie for their first ever overseas show and love it

Great stuff fellas.

The Lee Mvtthews boys are spreading their wings and working their magic overseas for the first time ever.

Over the weekend they played a show over in Perth and posted to their Instagram.

“Crickey, our first Australian show was absolutely fkn nuts,” they wrote in the caption. “The energy in that place was incredible." 

Our very own Sin Howard was also there, supporting her DJ BF Graham. She wrote on Instagram how playing in a country other than New Zealand has been something Graham (and Tom) have wanted to do for a long time. 

She said that finally seeing them live out that dream is “just the most beautiful thing to witness”. Aww.

“so grateful and honoured to be there for ur first international show!!!” Sin wrote. “we’ve talked about this moment for ages & here u are fucking doing it. it’s just the most beautiful thing to witness. im in absolute awe of u @gmvtthews - u are outstanding and u deserve all of it!!!! love u and so so so proud of u xxxxxx”

Sin also captured a video of one fan at the show absolutely loving it, getting her groove on as she’s parked up on someone’s shoulders. Sin posted the fan to her story, writing “this was HER moment” with it. 

screenshot of Lee Mvtthews story

Lee Mvtthews reposted the story because they see it as an incredible moment - a microcosm of the insanity and awesomeness of people from a foreign land loving something they created. 

“This is actually so special,” they wrote. “It was unbelievable the amount of people in another country that knew our music, truly blessed. Shoutout this chick.”

So good to see Kiwi-born and bred talent make waves internationally. Shout out to Lee Mvtthews for all their hard work.

Just last week they had a bit of fun, with Graham getting Jay from the Inbetweeners to give Tom a birthday message and it’s genuinely good watching.